NYC Website Design + Graphic Design

S2UDIO is a one-woman, NYC based, freelance website design and development company that also specializes in graphic design.  i’ve collaborated with musicians, artists, non-profit and small businesses to display their missions and information, though i love branching out to other industries.

i’ve been creating things for the web since 1998 for fun, and have never stopped coding.  i’ve even managed to turn this hobby into a full-time career, for nearly a decade.  i try to leave my design mark on everything i work on, and although i use modern practices, i don’t just follow “web trends“.  your content and call to actions are the most important part of your website, not over-saturating it with large images or cluttered/disorganized content. that shifts audience focus, and the most important thing is keeping people’s attention.  i want you to have your objective shine through, and not get lost in the big sea of look-alike, themed sites.

do i really need a website?

in this modern world of apps and mobile, mobile, mobile, i can see why having a dedicated full/desktop website might be questionable.  i’ve always prided websites on giving the creative freedom to display your content however you’d like.  yes, mobile is inching up as the majority – but there are still plenty of people sitting on laptops and desktops all day long.  additionally, even though we’re living in a time where free websites like facebook, instagram and twitter exist, and are extremely beneficial, you should still want a hub of your own.  people want to explore you more in-depth.

your website should represent YOU.

there is only so much visibility, functionality and creative freedom that free social media sites have to offer.  a post with a caption, a brief bio or customized background or header isn’t enough.  social media is good to keep people up-to-date, but should only be a bridge between the user and your website.

interacting with your audience is important.

people either default to searching for someone’s social media account(s), or they’ll google the website to find current news, offerings, etc.  if you choose to represent yourself online, you have to stay active for your audience, one way or another.  people want to see that you’re currently involved and active without automation.  a website is a fully personalized, extremely useful tool that you can use to keep people up to date.

i will:

  • listen to your ideas and project them into an organized, professional, functional, and easy-on-the-eyes kind of website.
  • work around budgets (if you need to split up payments, or work around a strict budget, i’m flexible – don’t hesitate to reach out to work something out*)
  • give you lifetime support for your website (custom work not included*)

* more serice/payment info can be found here.

s2udio services:

i’m here to listen, and help you design new websites, refresh outdated websites, fix broken websites or provide graphic design. for a complete list of services, please click here >