jess-bwS2UDIO is a Queens, NY based freelance project that I started over 10 years ago, focusing on web development/design and graphic design (Hi, I’m Jess!).

I’ve been doing graphic design and designing/building websites for fun since 1998 and have never stopped.  I’ve even managed to turn this hobby into a full-time, professional career for over a decade.  I try to leave my style on everything I work on, and although I use modern practices and designs, I don’t just follow “web trends“.  Your content and call to actions are the most important part of your website, not over-saturating it with large images or cluttered/disorganized content.

While visually appealing, that also shifts audience focus, and the most important thing is keeping people’s attention on what’s important – your message and your brand.  I want you to have your objective shine through, and not get lost in the big sea of look-alike, themed sites.

I choose to build all websites on the WordPress platform, so that my clients have the ability to login and make changes to their website content at their leisure.  The possibilities of site customization for people is limitless, which I find very important for my clients, and i enjoy making it as easy as possible to maintain their content.  It’s a wonderful convenience for anyone.

I’d lastly like to note that I am strictly a hand-coder.  Your website will be built from the ground up, so that if something breaks, I know exactly how to fix it.  No blocks, no point and click designing via themes. I’ve put in a lot of years gaining knowledge so that my clients have a stable, well-crafted product.

skills & SOFTWARE

WordPress, HTML/XHTML, CSS, Sass, web design, website development, responsive design, Command line/Terminal, LAMP development, Database management, Photoshop (web and print), Pods CMS, WordPress as a CMS, PSD to WordPress conversions, PHP, Git/GitHub, Jira, SVN, Trello, Trac, Slack, Tumblr templates, PDFs, creating and maintaining detailed documentation and being a liaison to non-technical co-workers/teams.

Work Experience


(Full-time) Senior Front-end Developer/Designer at Hachette Book Group (HBG)
Previously held titles at HBG: Web Content Producer, Front-end Developer

Please feel free to contact me with freelance front-end or content management opportunities.


Freelance contractor @ loudegg.com
Joe Maracic provided me with work to stay afloat throughout most of 2018, during a transitional period.   He is an ongoing professional affiliate and is proficient with graphic design/art, print work and SEO – i highly recommend his services.

– – – –

JULY 2013 – FEBRUARY 2018
(Full-time) Front-end Developer for CafeMedia.com


I maintained and created modules and site elements, updated and maintained legacy code, implemented sales sponsorships and built microsites for 7 different owned & operated properties and solely built a redesigned property on the WordPress platform – it was the only one in the entire company!

– – – –

JULY  2012 – JULY 2013
(Full-time and freelance) Front-end Developer for Nylon Technology


General front-end work for various sites, but mainly responsible for converting copious amounts of Power Point files into four static websites, for a financial giant.

– – – –

MAY 2008 – DECEMBER 2012
(Full-time) Web Developer for (an unfortunately now defunct) edit.com (#RIP ♥)


Full website builds: static websites, WordPress installations/builds, PSD > WordPress builds, static to WordPress conversions, general website maintenance, custom website work, technical support work, I setup hundreds of websites for our DIY editor, SEO assessment and reworking for best practice, installing 3rd party tracking implementation, general front-end work, themeing/templating, function tweaking



personal interests

In my spare time, I enjoy: