services info

this page is an FAQs of sorts.  i know this may seem like a lot of information to go through, but it’s good to cover bases beforehand, and answer any questions you may have.

from my experience, this also protects myself and clients moving forward.  communicating and following these guidelines definitely helps projects go smoothly, so i hope this is helpful to you.

if you have any questions at all in regards to anything below, future work, payment info, etc., please don’t hesitate to contact me.

web standard procedure

every web project is different, so there is a different flow for each one.  i try to keep it consistent and clear for my clients before work is started.  there are many different elements that can make price fluctuate, the most common pricing/standards can be found below.

  • if you’ve provided design files (PSD/JPG) for your web project, you will receive (2) build drafts and go live.  if you specifically ask for a custom feature, or severe structural change going away from the provided design files during the project, that’s considered additional/custom work.
  • if you do not have design files provided for your web project, you will need to provide examples of what you’d like your website to look like, or at least what features you’d want based upon other websites.  minimally, i would need a colour scheme/type of fonts you like/basic structure layout.  with this type of project, you will get (2) design drafts (any other are additional), and (2) build drafts and go live.
  • converting your existing website to wordpress without any structural changes will be significantly lower in price and time.  however, additional fees may occur if your hosting account does not meet minimum requirements, or is not setup properly to handle wordpress.

additional web fees

  • if you already own a wordpress website, i’ll most likely only be working on a new theme.  a backup of your site before i start work is included as a precaution, and is free.  any work that needs to be done on existing/problematic structure or incompatible plugins after i start working will be an additional fee.
  • if you do not own a domain name or hosting and need me to purchase/setup, there will be an additional fee.
  • i work on an hourly basis for any custom work to an existing website (static or wordpress based).

other web information

  • if you require me to purchase your domain name/hosting, you must provide me with your email address/credit card or paypal information.  i do not include this is the overall fee, and i do not use my personal information to purchase any domain names or hosting, no exceptions.
  • i do not maintain domain name or hosting accounts for clients, but after your website goes live, i will provide you with all information you need to maintain it (yearly, bi-yearly, etc.).
  • i can setup email addresses for you in your hosting account, and setup email forwards for you, but i do not handle ANY other email issues.  if you have any questions about how to access your email, etc., please ask your hosting provider.
  • i do not handle any marketing.  social media, newsletters, etc. but i can implement newsletter sign-ups into your site.
  • i do not work on any platform sites such as: squarespace, shopify, blogspot, or wix.  i don’t mind working on tumblr themes.
  • i do not work on drupal or joomla websites.
  • responsive functionality is automatically included in all full website builds.  if you only need responsive functionality applied to your current website, i can do that a la carte!  please contact me.

graphic design standard procedure and info

flyers, business cards, postcards, apparel design, web media, banners, etc.

  • flyers and business cards get up to 3 design drafts, any other drafts after the third are additional fees.
  • i prepare the files for you to have printed with a 3rd party service – i don’t print them myself.  if you’re looking to have something out of the ordinary printed, you must provide instructions for me from 3rd party service before i quote your project.


  • deposits need to be paid upfront before any work is done.  i usually set it up for 50% upfront and 50% upon launch, but if you need to do a split payment, at least 25% must be paid before any work is done. project will not go live until full payment has been made, no exceptions.
  • custom work vs. free lifetime support:

    CUSTOM WORK: if you want to add a new element to your site (an instagram feed, a slideshow, an events list, etc.), change any site structure, etc. – that is additional work, which requires hired service.

    SUPPORT WORK: every client is offered free lifetime support if you have a custom theme built or a full wordpress build website – in case something breaks. this applies to anything within the scope of post-build (i didn’t style an element correctly, some type of grammatical error on a limited, structural area you can’t get to, a box is in the wrong place, a script isn’t working, etc.).  basically, as long as something isn’t broken because of any work that i did after your site launched, and has been tested and approved by you.

    if you break something that has to be fixed, or would like full site maintenance (wordpress versioning, updating/maintaining plugins, etc.) that is considered custom work.

turnaround time

sometimes this is hard to estimate because of personal schedules/email response time, but this is based upon the average time of previous projects.

  • website design/development: once you have a domain name and hosting purchased, turnaround time is flexible per case, but is normally 4-6 weeks. each phase is usually 1 week to draft/build and then there is QA/approval time by you. schedules aren’t always flexible, but based upon usual standards above, projects don’t normally go over 8 weeks. if you need additional design or build drafts, those will be additional.
  • website development: if you already have a wordpress website, and i’m only working on building you a new theme, there is typically less work and turnaround is usually about 2-4 weeks at most.
  • graphic design:  this is usually a fast process, but depending on your approval and email response time, turnaround is usually 2-3 weeks.
  • any other custom work turnaround time will be noted upon discussing the work.  it all depends on what service you need.

other info

  • all websites are built on the wordpress platform.  there are flat fees for wordpress builds, depending on what you need.  the only exceptions that i make are for splash page/landing pages (1 page websites), or for charity landing pages.
  • i do not accept checks.