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S2UDIO is a one-woman, NYC based freelance WordPress development and web/ graphic design company (web AND print design).  I’ve collaborated with musicians, artists, lawyers, stylists, bakers, non-profit and small businesses to display their missions and information, and I love branching out to other industries.

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I provide a long list of different services related to website design/development and graphic design.  I can build sites, fix sites, convert and setup your website so that you can maintain your own content, and I can jump into any custom work to fit your needs.  From full site service to a la carte services, I can help!

All Services

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web design

full website design, website refreshes, responsive design, landing pages, single page sites

web development

wordpress development, self-maintenance setup, responsive design, blog setup, splash/social media landing pages

web fixes + support

website restoration, website backup, broken structure fixes, broken link fixes, other general fixes

best practice

proper SEO implementation, meeting web accessibility standards, restructuring content flow

custom services

content changes, contact forms, structure changes, landing pages, social media integration and more...

graphic design

business cards, postcards, greeting cards, flyers, image retouching

Getting Started

do you really need a FULL website?

In this modern world of free social media sites, low-cost software/theme sites and everyone being “mobile, mobile, mobile!” focused, I can see why having a dedicated desktop website might be questionable.  Yes, mobile is inching up as the majority – but there are still plenty of people sitting on laptops and desktops all day long.  All of my sites are build with responsive design included, so you’ll be setup for computers and phones/devices.

Additionally, even though we’re living in a time where free websites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter exist, and are extremely beneficial, you should still want a hub of your own.  People want to explore you more in-depth — especially industries of the musical, artistic or portfolio sort.  Even if you just build a page for your content with your outgoing links, it’s better to have them all in one place, at your custom domain name.

your website should represent YOU.

There is only so much visibility, functionality and creative freedom that free social media sites have to offer.  A post with a caption, a brief bio or customized background or header isn’t enough.  Social media is good to keep people up-to-date and catching/keeping attention, but should only be a bridge between the user and your website.  Interaction is important, so you can integrate social media directly into your website!  This way the user isn’t completely disconnected and has the option to also be interactive with your brand.

Also, with a dedicated web developer at your disposal, your website can be curated and customized limitlessly to how you want it structured or styled.


I love developing websites and doing graphic design.  I’ve been immersing myself in all of this as a hobby since the late 90s – this is my craft and my passion, and my work and clients are very important to me.  I want to assure that any potential clients and current clients are always satisfied with the work I do, and that they turn into long-term clients.  Fast turnaround times and quality work is what I promise.

I will listen to your ideas and project them into an organized, professional, functional, and easy-on-the-eyes kind of website.  If you have any issues and emergency fixes, I can assure fast turnaround times.

I work around budgets.  If you need to split up payments, or work around a strict budget, I’m flexible – so please don’t hesitate to reach out for pricing negotiations*.

If you have been serviced with a full website build or WordPress conversion service, I will give you free support for the lifetime of your website (custom work not included*).

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Contact Me

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